About Me

About me

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carlos Grande a Data Engineer, Architect, and Coding enthusiast. In this site, you'll find projects, articles, and resources about data, coding, business, and AI. I hope you enjoy my content and find it useful.

The main reason I started to write this blog was to collect small pieces of knowledge and some of my favorite projects as a life cheat sheet or a personal guide. I wanted to follow an open-data practice inviting everyone to use my resources and improve my projects and ideas. 

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My idea with this site was to build an easy blog holding all the main content on the home page. Therefore I divided my posts into 5 different categories to organize and make it easier. The following categories are explained below.

I wanted to post in this section external articles as a remainder about concepts and reflections that I found interesting.

In this section, I wanted to share my personal starred people and projects I want to spend further and deeper readings.

This section contains my notes and reflections about new things I've learned.

This section includes all my projects about data science, business, and coding focusing on the process and the final results of each one.

With this section I wanted to share all my resources and tips I rely on in my daily life.